Landscaping is about more than curb appeal. A properly maintained landscape makes your property look nice and helps maintain your land by handling issues like erosion, flooding, and drainage. If you’re still on the fence about hiring a landscaping company for your commercial property, here are five reasons to consider hiring one:

No Maintenance

Beyond making your property look good, the bulk of landscaping work is maintaining it. Lawns need to be mowed, hedges must be trimmed, and walkways and parking lots need to be kept clear of debris. And depending on the size and layout of your property, this can be a pretty big lift to take on in-house. When you hire a landscape company, not only are you creating less work for team, but you’ll also get more time to focus on the thing that matters most – your business.

Expert Knowledge

Can you name all the types of trees on your property? Do you know when the best time to prune your hedges would be? What kind of grass do you have, and how often should it be fertilized? You might not have the answers to these questions, but a landscaper would. Knowing the different needs of plants helps to ensure the long-term health and appearance of your property.

Make a good impression

You don’t need a garden outside your front door, but a regularly mowed lawn and trimmed hedges can go a long way toward making a good impression. Keeping your property well-maintained shows customers that you care about your business. And in the event you are looking to sell your property, landscaping can give a boost to your asking price.

No need for extra tools

It takes equipment to keep your property looking good. If you entrust this task to your own team, not only will you need to purchase all the appropriate equipment, but you’ll also need a place to store it. When you hire a landscaping company, they provide their own tools and bring them to and from your property—one less storage problem and one less expense for you to worry about.


When it rains, the water has to have somewhere to go, and without proper drainage and runoff maintenance, that somewhere could be your parking lot or side yard. If left unaddressed for too long, drainage problems can lead to other issues like erosion, foundation damage, mosquitoes and dying plants. Believe it or not, drainage plays a prominent role in landscaping. When you hire a landscaping company, they can assess your property for problem spots and provide potential solutions.

At All 1 Service, we provide landscaping services for commercial properties of all industries and sizes. We offer everything from design and installation to maintenance. Our expert staff have the skills and knowledge to keep your property looking good all year long. Contact us today to get a personalized quote for your landscaping needs!